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The Concept of ‘Swara’ Hindustani Sangeet In sound frequencies are recognized as musical notes or what in Indian m

The usage of the two words swara raag in music are the symbols of delight. For the simplest of definitions.

swara is the interaction of breath with musical notes and

This paper deals with the identification of the swaras in a given Carnatic song.

which is an essential component
needed for raga identification of South Indian

The word swara meaning notes is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Svar’
which means sound. There are different forms of sound.But the sound which .

The melodic aspect of a song is entirely based on what is called Musical notes and in Indian Music.

the musical notes are called as Swaras ORIGIN The word

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Uploaded on. Notes can be sung straight.

but in Indian music.

they are often sung with kan swar grace notes borrowed from an adjacent note in a

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The word swara meaning notes is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Svar’

which means sound There are different forms of sound But the sound which is soothing to ear and which is musical is kn

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Saptak is a melodic concept related to the concept of swaras The tonic note Sa is the root of Indian Music and as discu

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Swara note Indian Classical Music is characterized by seven main swaras pure notes and together they are referred as s

Rishab re

Gandhar ga
Madhyam ma
Pancham pa.

Dhaivat dha and Nishada ni. The five intermediate swaras re.



dha are called vikrit .

The three main pillars of India classical music raag.

taal and swara help in the understanding of the anatomy of Indian music. Before delving into the various types and styles of Indian music.

one must first understand the anatomy of Indian classical music In this article we will understand about the anatomy o

which is important for

DEFINITION OF A SWAR. Swar also ‘Sur’ is a note taken from a collection of notes of Indian Musical Scales. In total there ‘Surs’ out of which the main ones are a group ‘Shudh .

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Multani is a raag of serious nature Originating from Thaat Mel or family


but not inheriting any of its properties or raga ang.

Multani stands out with its own uniqueness. Multani is sung or played in the late afternoon which is same as for its sam prakritik raag Madhuvanti. Multani employs usage swaras while ascending arohan .

Abstract. This paper deals with the identification of the swaras in a given Carnatic song.

which is an essential component

needed for raga identification of South Indian Classical Carnatic .

The ragas of North Indian Classical Music NICM have been historically known to elicit emotions Recently
Mathur et al 2015 provided empirical support for these historical assumptions

that distinct ragas elicit distinct emotional responses In this review

we discuss the findings of Mathur et al. 2015 in the context of the structure of NICM

Swaras in other octaves are binned into swara classes This theory of tonic and Shrutis in ICM is the basis of swaragram

c shows a representation of the Swaragram of .

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Understanding Raga.






Janaka amp Janya and Moorchana

Indian Classical Music In short
this is the lesson of understanding Murchana and Swaras It is probably the most important technical lesson of Indian c

Taal can be explained and understood very easily with the help of the following chart. Now.

this is the notation of the most used taal in the Indian classical music i.e. of the ‘ Teentaal ’. As you all can see.

it is taal beats as numbered in the chart. The taal is divided equal intervals by the black lines which are known as .

Vidwans has encoded generic rules of Indian classical music in this system. The software is capable of generating appropriate alaaps.

taans and swara vistar following these rules “You provide Aroha ascending order of notes and Avaroha descending orde

Indian classical music is unique in its requirement for rigorous


expert led training that typically goes on for years before the learner can reach a reasonable level of performance

or a melodic framework created by choosing a specific set of notes called “ swaras ”
on a scale.

ordered in

Raga Ragini classification There concepts of the Raga Ragini Division in Indian classical Music Raga is supposed t

Indian Classical music Indian classical music Swaras Indian Classical Music is the proud representative of the most complicated and complete musical system in histo



DHA and NI.

which replace DO.



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The correct answer is Saptak Key Points Saptak stands for “gamut” or “ series of seven notes” The seven svar

The seven svara are Shadja





AA What is the origin of the seven swaras of Indian classical music

The notes.

or swaras
of Indian music are shadjam sa
rishabham re or ri
gandharam ga.

madhyamam ma

panchamam pa

The scientific community has achieved many advances for the analysis of Western music

and researchers have documented them very well 3.


6. However.

Indian music remains unexplored.

and very little computational analysis.

has been done to completely understand its intricacies Classical music in the Indian sub continent has a

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